Dairy-based beverages and desserts contain many nutrients that are required in the daily diet and are preferred for their distinctive taste. Product developers can adjust these products in many ways to habits, taste preferences and spending power anywhere in the world. Quantifying consumer preference and sensory response is an important research area, as is the design of attractive and functional packaging.

However, product development starts with a well-founded identification of the need for nutrients. This requires comprehensive nutritional research into and with consumers. Together with local partners FrieslandCampina conducted a large-scale study among the population in South-East Asia in 2012. To the surprise of all experts it appeared that there was a substantial vitamin D deficiency. The results of this study were used by FrieslandCampina to develop nutritional solutions as well. Dutch Lady Complete, a dairy drink with added vitamin D, was the first to be introduced in Malaysia in 2013.

Apart from nutrition, exercise also has a positive effect on the health of the consumer. Therefore FrieslandCampina stimulates young persons and adults to be active and to take more exercise in the outside air.