Ingredients from milk are used as base materials for various products in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Product development and process innovation for customers of FrieslandCampina is often done in joint projects. Research & development at FrieslandCampina is particularly focused on controlling texture by means of milk proteins.

Sustainable powder technology

The production of ingredients from milk in the form of powder is energy-consuming. Therefore, from a sustainability point of view, reduction of the use of energy is an important spearhead. Based on process-technological knowledge and skills, processes are constantly adjusted and improved, which leads to considerable energy savings.

Built with milk fat

Milk fat is an essential ingredient for cream products, chocolate, puff pastry, cake fillings, etc. This is mainly about generating texture and taste in the final product. Specialists at FrieslandCampina analyse and fraction milk fat, which results in new functional ingredients for customers. Here calorimetry, NMR and chromatography are used and separation technology is of major interest.