Many people seek variation in their daily food pattern and therefore want to occasionally enjoy meat free meals. To those, Valess is a variation next to meat and fish, which offers indulgence without compromising taste and variation.

Made from milk

Valess is made from milk and thus filled with all kinds of goodness and nutrition. Due to special herbs and spices, Valess surprises with its unique taste and the savory meat-like bite and juiciness.

Many variations

Launched on the Dutch market in 2005, followed by Belgium in 2007 and Germany in 2009, the assortment now varies from the original breaded and filled filets, like the Valess Champignon, to unbreaded products for cooking or frying, e.g. the Valess Pieces. The versatility of the Valess products makes it easy for everyone to create a surprising, tasty meal which the whole family can enjoy.