In the Netherlands, Mona has been synonymous with dairy desserts (both tart and sweet) since the early 1970s. And ever since the introduction of the first dessert (fruit yoghurt), Mona has stood for convenience and tasty dairy desserts. Dutch consumers eat 250,000 Mona desserts every day, which adds up to a total of over 90 million a year.

Dessert innovations

Time and again Mona surprises Dutch consumers with new and renewed flavour sensations. Innovations include Mona Luchtige Pudding (light and airy, in different variations), Mona Tompoucepudeding (Tompouce is a Dutch pastry) and the Mona IJspudding (Ice pudding).
Mona is not only the brains behind the new tasty desserts, but came up with the word ‘toetje’, (in Dutch, ‘toe’ can mean ‘after’ as in after a meal). Advertisements featuring Ted de Braak (a Dutch celebrity) also helped (Act like a Mona ‘toetje’).

Dessert of the Month

Also unique is the ‘Toetje van de Maand’ (Dessert of the Month), which delights dairy lovers with a new flavour every month. Since 1993 over 200 of these Desserts of the Month have been developed, culminating each year in the annual selection of the Dessert of the Year. The winning flavour is given a permanent place in Mona’s product range of desserts.

Early years

When Mona introduced the very first desserts back in 1970, the selection was limited: fruit yoghurt, Bulgarian yoghurt and sour cream. However, the product range was quickly expanded. Mona truly gained recognition with the introduction of puddings in family-size packages. In particular, the semolina pudding with red sauce was and is incredibly popular among Dutch consumers.

Mona: Makes you happy!

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