Anyone who chooses FrieslandCampina’s Landliebe range chooses a dairy product that has been prepared with the greatest care. Examples include Landliebe Landmilch (consumer milk with a natural fat content), dairy drinks, yoghurt, sweet desserts, cheese and butter. These products are highly popular in the countries where they are sold: Germany and Austria.

Only natural ingredients

Landliebe – as its name suggests – represents a love of the countryside. It is closely linked to rural life in Germany and Austria. All the products are made with love and care. They contain only natural ingredients, such as milk from selected farms and fresh top-quality fruit. And you can taste it.

Sustainable production

Landliebe is also committed to sustainable production. It is the first German dairy brand to taken the initiative, in partnership with dairy farmers, to feed cows exclusively on indigenous European and non-GMO (genetically modified) feed. Which is exactly what we stand for at FrieslandCampina – because in our view dairy production starts at the farm, not in the factory.

Liebe ist, wenn es Landliebe is