Through its condensed milk and long-life milk, Frisian Flag provides Indonesian consumers of all ages with high-quality dairy products. Frisian Flag has already been in Indonesia for 90 years. Even so, many consumers do not ask for Frisian Flag but Susu Bendera (freely translated: milk flag). This was its original name in 1923, when sweetened condensed milk was first exported from the Netherlands to Indonesia. And is still used, e.g. for their own twitter feed.

Sweetened condensed milk

Frisian Flag’s sweetened condensed milk is used for many purposes. As a drinking milk, in coffee, and also in certain drinks such as the popular susu telur madu jahe (milk, eggs, honey and ginger). Another drink containing sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient is soda gembira: soda water mixed with Frisian Flag milk. But no matter how you drink it, Frisian Flag means enjoying all the goodness that milk has to offer.