All over the world, more and more people are enjoying the Dutch cheese varieties of Frico – from Slankie (healthy low-fat cheese) to full-fat cheeses, and from young cheese to extra-matured.

Frico is widely known as an authentically flavoured cheese – based on high quality ingredients and pure professionalism since 1898. Frico cheese originates in the wide and open landscapes of northern Holland. For many generations, it has been made using traditional methods with milk from the famous Frisian cows.

From the Netherlands to Japan and from Australia to Mexico, Frico cheese is available in more than 80 countries around the world. In large modern hypermarkets, but also in small neighbourhood shops. And not just as Gouda, Edam and Maasdam, but also in the form of numerous cheese specialities such as Old Dutch Master (old Gouda cheese), Chevrette (goat’s cheese), Mimolette and cheeses with added ingredients such as mustard and herbs. There are also varieties with fewer calories and less salt. So as you see, we are constantly renewing our cheeses.