In 1995 the Netherlands were introduced to CoolBest: the first fruit juice sold directly from the supermarket coolers. And CoolBest is cooled for a reason: when cool the quality is preserved and the juice tastes best. We keep it cool, you get the best!

Surprising combinations

In previous years CoolBest introduced some surprising combinations of ingredients. Always using the most tasty fruits, of course. Coolbest’s mission is ‘to create the optimum mix of taste and healthy ingredients’. The tastes Strawberry Hill and Mango Dream are very popular and here to stay.


CoolBest is still working on its mission with passion. For example with the coconut water drinks and the latest Delicious Discovery: combinations of vegetables, herbs and blossoms. Moreover, the whole CoolBest range now only uses natural fruit sugars!

Allow yourself something extra every day.

We keep it cool, you get the best