Chocomel has been the Netherlands’ chocolate milk of choice for more than 80 years. Many see creamy and tasty Chocomel as the only real chocolate milk. No wonder Chocomel occupies a prominent place in retail and out-of-home, such as canteens and petrol stations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

New developments

Chocomel is constantly moving with the times. Drawing on our knowledge of milk, we are always developing new Chocomel varieties – such as Chocomel Dark, which has an extra intense chocolate flavor. Or Chocomel Vers (fresh) based on fresh milk.

Chocomel varieties

Other Chocomel varieties are

  • Chocomel Vol (full fat)
  • Chocomel Halfvol (semi-skimmed)
  • Chocomel Dark
  • Chocomel Light
  • Chocomel Vers (based on fresh milk)

Most are available in litre cartons, single-serving ‘to-go’ cartons, cans and small bottles. Chocomel Light is certified with the healthy IKB logo.
In Belgium Chocomel is known as Cécémel.

Visit the Chocomel website. Or visit the Cécémel website in Belgium.